Get up at 7 a.m., get ready, head to work, several cups of coffee later you head home, make dinner, catch up on the latest episode, head to bed. Repeat five days a week. Sound familiar?

So many people spend their weeks like this, counting down the moments to the weekend where, most of the time, we’re so emotionally drained to do much of anything. All we want to do is sleep in or take naps. There’s the problem. The weekdays drain us, they prevent us from truly living.

The solution is to make those five days a week inspiring and energizing. The solution is to LIVE at your job so you can LIVE in your life.

A few years ago, I realized this amazing “ah-ha” moment and wanted to bring the concept to our employee culture at Tabitha. What if, I thought, every employee at Tabitha was inspired and energized in their work life and their home life? The results would mean better patient care, better outcomes, more productive work, innovative ideas and overall happier and healthier people. A win-win-win-win!!

Developing Tabitha’s LIVE culture wasn’t easy. We spent a lot of time determining the factors that would make people excited to be at work and inspired to do their jobs. We came up with four:

1. Love Your Job

I love, love, love the word “love.” While some business leaders shy away from the “touchy-feely” words, I embrace them because at your job, you want to feel like there’s love around. Especially at an organization whose job it is to care for others! This applies to the individual as well. If you don’t love your job, you’re not going to be energized by it, you’re not going to be inspired, you’re going to hate coming to work.

There’s always going to be some days or some aspects of your job you don’t like. That’s life. But if you overall feel a sense of love about what you do, you’re one step closer to living fully.

2. Invite Optimism

So, you don’t love everything about your job. That’s okay - that’s where the second step comes in -- invite optimism. Studies ( have shown that optimistic people are healthier overall. Healthy people live longer than sick people and have a lower risk for chronic conditions like heart disease.

It just makes sense to look at the sunny side of the street. I’m not saying to have a blind “Pollyanna” outlook on things. No, but if you can find more positive things in your life than negative--if you can first be open to a positive outcome over a negative outcome, you’re on the road.

3. Vision Success

Look to next week, next month, next year. Do you see success? As individuals (and as organizations!), we need to be driven to the next source of success. It’s the “next thing” - whether that be making progress with a patient, finishing that novel or even a clean garage - that drives us. If you can’t vision a successful outcome, or worse yet, we can’t think of a next goal at all, you’re just going through the motions. Purpose comes from accomplishing goals. Fulfillment comes from feeling this accomplishment. The best way to accomplish success is to visualize its realization.

Take time each day to visualize yourself accomplishing your goals. See it. How does it feel? Good, right? That daily practice will help drive you.

4. Embrace the Mission

All organizations have values the drive their operation. Generally, this is a mission statement, a series of words that encompass what the organization is all about. If you don’t know your work’s mission statement - just ask! At Tabitha, our mission is to enhance the dignity, independence and wellbeing of older adults. If our employees don’t embrace this, it simply doesn’t work. Discover your organization’s mission and think about whether it aligns with your own values. If it doesn’t, work will never inspire or motivate you. It will just drain you.

Like organizations, people have their own missions, too. Discover yours

These four steps: Love your job, Invite optimism, Vision success, and Embrace the mission will help you LIVE at your job, LIVE at home and LIVE in spirit. For more information about Tabitha’s LIVE employee culture and how we encourage our employees to LIVE each day, visit us at