Daytime homes away from home, adult day programs provide a unique view on Elder Care. With support offered during the day, these programs can offer a perfect solution for families throughout the aging journey. Here are five reasons why:


Adult day programs can be a great value for families with aging loved ones. When compared with the cost of full-time caregivers in the home (national averages start at $20/hour), or living communities (national averages for nursing homes are $250/day), the average $55-65/day provided by adult day programs, often offering care from 7 a.m. - 6 p.m., is a great value for families.


Need a day to run errands, visit family or just take time for yourself? The caregiver, those amazing non-professional individuals who care for their aging parents, spouses, loved ones and neighbors have a lot on their plate. And we’ve heard time and time again, that in order to take care of others, you must take care of yourself. Adult day programs provide respite opportunities for these caregivers. Schedules are flexible - clients don’t have to commit to daily care, but if care is needed for a week, or one day a week, or whenever respite is needed for the caregiver, it can make a huge difference for the entire family.


While caregivers are away at work, adult day programs help aging loved ones stay socially engaged and away from the TV for 8 hours of the day. In addition to meals and snacks, these programs work to create meaningful activities that encourage brain health and physical function. Above all, clients have the opportunity to make friends and connect with other older adults during the day.

Memory Support

Caring for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can be overwhelming. The risk of wandering or of getting hurt or injured while family aren’t around is a real and serious fear. Adult day programs have team members specialized in supporting those with memory loss. Activities can provide meaningful interactions in a safe environment. Caregivers no longer have to worry if their loved ones are safe during the day.


At Tabitha, our adult day program is one of the few programs in the Lincoln community and it’s backed by the support of the Tabitha Continuum of Elder Care services. Tabitha Adult Day clients can meet with care professionals called continuum navigators who can assess needs and offer additional support when and if they are needed. This approach means that as loved ones need more support along the aging journey, caregivers have one place to turn for answers.

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