I live in Lincoln, but my parents still live back home on the farm. My father is recovering from a stroke and my mother takes care of him. I worry about their health and can't check in on them as often as I’d like. Is there anything I can do from a distance? —Susan


It’s hard to be so far away from an aging loved one, but know that you are not alone. I serve Tabitha’s east region (extending East of Lincoln to Nebraska City) with expert aging healthcare answers.

Tabitha Continuum Navigators and our nursing team can meet with you and your parents to determine the right support options, providing your dad expert care and you peace of mind. In rural communities, in-home services, like those provided by Tabitha Home Health Care, are a wonderful option. Nursing services, therapy options and care plans can all be created by an expert team—giving your family a road map for the aging journey.

Our team works with you and your physician to determine the best options. We help you answer questions like what care is available, how much it will cost, what’s covered by insurance and government programs and much more. And if a living community or other type of service is needed, we help you find the answers you need.—Lisa Zager, LPN


As a Tabitha Continuum Navigator in our western and central regions (extending west of Lincoln to Grand Island), I often talk with families where distance makes the aging journey that much harder.Thankfully, there are many services that can help make the distance feel smaller for loved ones.

Tabitha’s home health care is a great service to assist with your dad’s recovery from a stroke. Special features that may be of particular help to your family are Telemonitoring— an in-home device thatregularly collects and transmits vital signs (blood pressure, weight, oxygen level and pulse) through a secure, cellular modem. Professionals can evaluate results and can catch warning signs like weight changes and spikes in blood pressure quickly, giving Elders convenience and families peace of mind.

VoiceCare is another service that allows Elders to receive emergency response support with the push of a button. They wear the device and whether it’s a fall or other emergency, professionals and family can be notified within minutes.—Stacy Clark, RN