Any medical professional can tell you—caring for people involves so much more than medicine. Whether it’s holding the hand of a client at the end of their life, being a listening ear for family members under stress, or cheering on success after a client learns to walk again—nurses, therapists, doctors and aides across disciplines learn the importance of a holding a hand.


There’s a certain amount of cheering on that medical professionals take on when caring for patients. A great example is in our Tabitha therapy team. Illness and chronic conditions can dramatically change the lives of those we care for, and therapy plans can help those individuals get back to what they love doing best. One of my favorite examples is Robert, a retired golf pro, who found himself unable to hit the links after an injury. Through many hours of therapy and many encouraging words, our physical therapy team worked with Robert on exercises that allowed him to hit the links again. Inspiration in action!


For some seniors, medical conditions make living in an assisted living or skilled nursing (nursing home) community the safest option. The move can be a hard transition. Enter: medical professionals. In these environments, caregivers not only provide medical support, but lead enriching games, activities and outings that work to uplift their patients.


Our Tabitha Hospice program includes bereavement and grief support for families throughout the hospice process and a full 18-months after a loved one has passed. The support is led by professionals specially trained in providing emotional support to individuals and families facing the end of life. But the support isn’t exclusive to these professionals. Nurses, aides and doctors who care for those within hospice care all offer a listening ear, words of wisdom and other support. In addition to managing medical care plans, it’s very common for a nurse to stay longer to listen to a grieving daughter or hold the hand of a veteran facing his last moments.

Health care is so much more than medicine, it’s about caring for the whole person—cheering them on through the celebrations and holding their hand through the struggles.

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