How are those New Year’s resolutions going for you? Need a new direction? How about building your digital bucket list?? Here are some ideas!

Learn a Language - There are dozens of apps and courses designed for you to learn a new language. (a free resource), or Rosetta Stone. Need some inspiration for keeping up on your French or Spanish? Here’s a resource.

Connect with Family and Friends Virtually - Video chat options like Skype have made it easier than ever before to connect with loved ones miles away. If visiting friends and family across the country isn’t in your budget, try Skype - it’s free, easy to use and will help foster those relationships. Want to be able to walk around as your virtual self? BeamPro is a motorized computer that allows you to interact in an envirornment while your thousands of miles away. For a few thousand dollars, you can walk the great wall of China! Visit the Taj Mahal without leaving your home. You just need to send your monitor there!

eLearn a New Skill - there are dozens of websites and mobile apps available to get you started on learning a new skill or exploring a new topic. Check out this site from AARP that reviews the best eLearning sites out there.

Finally, keep track of it all! My is a free site that allows you to keep track of your goals, share them with friends, cross of items and share photos of your experiences. What a great tool to see your accomplishments realized!