This month is all about celebration here at Tabitha and celebrating our team is no exception. We couldn’t serve more than 2,500 Elders across 28 southeast Nebraska counties without all our team members on board. From CNAs to nurses, to therapists, even our accounting team and those courageous individuals who lead the way.

Leaders are often forgot about in the celebrations,  probably because they are leading them. But it takes a special set of strengths to lead a group of people to a common goal, and they shouldn’t be excluded from the celebrations. For the past few years, I’ve been FASCINATED (yes, it deserves all capital letters!) by Tom Rath’s StrengthFinders assessment ( The assessment consists of a series of questions and rating scales to gauge traits that most describe you.

Once you finish the assessment, it ranks your traits from top to bottom, including details on strengths like “compassion,” “futuristic,” “harmony,” and “discipline.” Thirty-four strengths in all, guiding you on determining how your strengths fit (or in some cases don’t fit), the work you do each day. Fascinating stuff!

Leaders have to exhibit a well-rounded set of strengths including everything from being strategic to knowing how to collaborate, to staying true to the goals at hand. It’s no easy thing, believe me! I firmly believe that I was called to serve at Tabitha. I think many leaders would feel that they also were called to lead missions of their own.

Everyone has traits of leadership somewhere inside, but the trick is to recognize and listen to them. What’s your mission? How are you called to serve? Perhaps it’s leading a discussion at your book club, or leading your kids in an afternoon activity or even leading a set of team members nine to five. It’s amazing how often each individual must lead someone or something in their day-to-day life. Take this season to celebrate leadership and those missions in your own life.