Last week, we celebrated National Nurses Week. These weeks are there to remind us of how special those are who care selflessly for others.

At Tabitha, I don’t need a yearly reminder, I am reminded everyday of the hundreds of nurses, nursing assistants, therapists and aides who help Tabitha continue its mission of serving Elders with dignity and respect.

These individuals came to Tabitha from many different roads. And the road isn’t easy. In our world, people run from aging and death. And those caregivers who make up our Tabitha team, embrace it everyday. Our core values were developed from the traits we see in those who give so much.

Character - the professional caregiver is of the highest character. They support, advocate and always do what’s right.

Compassion -  the ability to see the 20-year-old behind 90-year-old eyes. The ability to see the hopes, dreams and greatest accomplishments of those they care for.

Connection - it’s not always about the patient. It’s sometimes about the daughters, the grandchildren, the grieving spouse. The professional caregiver attends to all.

Courageous Vision - seeing beyond “the way things were always done” and toward what’s best for those they care for. The professional caregiver fights for a world where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Continuum - anticipating what’s next. Understanding that not only life, but death is all a journey.

I’m continuously inspired by those who choose a caring profession. At Tabitha, our caregivers don’t perform brain surgery, they don’t deliver babies. But they care for those who may otherwise be forgotten - those who built our communities and fought for our freedom. They hold the hands of those who created us. What an inspiring gift!

Always inspire(d)

If you are considering a career in professional caregiving, visit to see what opportunities await.