Leading in compassion. Not an easy thing, that’s for sure, but that’s how Tabitha has built our mission, especially with end-of-life care.

In the 1970s, hospice care was a relatively new concept. Care providers who specialized in helping individuals at the end of their life was something that health care professionals recognized a need for. Led by Martha Maseman, Tabitha was the first organization in Nebraska to offer hospice care. And since then, we've only continued to grow our compassion for hospice care. 

Great leadership requires thinking innovatively without losing compassion - especially in the business of health care. Hospice care was an innovative concept in the 1970s, but the leaders at Tabitha realized how its concepts can could help enhance the already compassionate care Tabitha provided to Elders. Compassionate innovation.

At Tabitha, it wouldn’t stop there. Besides hospice care, we’ve pioneered Medicare-certified home health care, and recently, home-like living environments that challenge the concept of sterile, institutionalized nursing homes. We’ve taken that home-like environment and applied it to our hospice program with Journey House SNF for Hospice care, opened in 2011, and our newest community at Tabitha at Williamsburg, opened this year. These two communities revolutionize hospice care in a home-like setting, building on the revolutionary concepts of Tabitha's Green House® Homes

Compassionate innovation - essential pieces to effective heath care leadership. Learn more about Tabitha’s innovation.