I started my career as a social worker. When I graduated college, I thought that I would eventually work with kids. Instead, I found myself working at Tabitha, caring for Elders at the end of their life. I learned a lot from my work as a social worker and the biggest thing I found at Tabitha was my mission, my calling to care for Elders and those who care for them.

Organizations have callings as much as individuals. Leading Tabitha has meant upholding its mission of service. Culture has played a huge role in that. Culture is the day-to-day actions of a team or group that should always work towards fulfilling mission. Always.

At Tabitha, we uphold our LIVE culture. LIVE stands for Love your job, Invite optimism, Vision success and Embrace the mission. In developing the culture, we determined that all these things were needed for employees to feel empowered to serve Elders and uphold the organization’s mission.

Individuals are no different than organizations. Your calling in life should be supported by your “culture,” your day-to-day actions. When developing your culture, think about those small things you can do each day to move you toward a larger goal, your calling.

Steps to finding your culture:

Embrace Mission - what drives you each day? What’s your calling? What are your values? Once you find your mission, commit yourself to realizing it. Check out this article for discovering your mission.

Road Map - what will get you toward realizing mission? Develop a road-map, those small steps needed to accomplish your goals. Make them specific, make them measurable and make them manageable. What’s one thing you can do each day to accomplish mission?

Develop Culture - culture are those day-to-day actions that enable you to sustain mission once it’s been realized. Commit to these values. Check in. Adjust if necessary. In the beginning, culture should be fluid, changing, but eventually, it should be stable.

Tabitha’s Mission:

Motivated by Christian compassion, Tabitha delivers a continuum of exceptional and innovative Elder care services that promote the dignity, independence and well-being of older adults.