More and more, people are hitting up the internet when they have a question about aging. What’s the best way to prevent wrinkles? How can I build a retirement plan? What is assisted living? When is the right time to move mom into a new home?

Google has been the go-to aging resource for years now, giving great access to informational articles, aging organizations and support. At Tabitha, we’ve entered the digital age in the last few years, adding a suite of resources at your fingertips to assist on the aging journey.Here’s a few highlights:

Tabitha’s eBook Series

They’re not novels, but free downloadable pamphlets on a variety of topics to support you and your loved one on the aging journey. They provide answers like what are the signs your loved one may need additional aging support, what are the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and what are the options available out there for senior health care. Simply visit, and click “Download eBooks” from the home page for free access to these great resources.

Social Media

Social media and health care? The two marry better than you may think. In a day and age where hashtags and profiles seem to be taking over, health care organizations are flocking to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to connect with clients and patients, but also provide resources to people interested in leading a healthy life. Tabitha’s Facebook page (Tabitha Health Care Services) and Twitter page (Tabitha Health) are great resources for aging answers and senior health information.