Nothing creates a sense of community better than a good, old-fashioned, home-cooked meal. For individuals who require skilled nursing care, and are faced with moving into the traditional nursing home, they may have lost hope of ever experiencing a family table again.

But that perception is being blown away with revolutionary ways of caring for individuals through residential skilled nursing homes.

Take a Tabitha Green House® home. Tabitha was the second in the nation and the first in Nebraska to create a home-like environment for residents in need of skilled nursing. Tabitha’s campus now hosts four Green House homes, each housing 9-12 individuals who live their final days, months or  years in a home-like environment, complete with a large dining room table, inviting community.

The kitchen in a Tabitha Green House home is in service 24/7 where universal caregivers are specially trained to not only provide care to the body, but care to the soul by creating love-infused cuisine. If a resident wants to have breakfast at 10 a.m. instead of 8 a.m., they can. If they want a midnight snack, it’s available. Green House residents enjoy meals and snacks according to their own schedules and needs.

The eating areas of a residential style home, such as a Green House, serve as a gathering place not only for cooking and baking but for camaraderie and friendship. Those who enjoy preparing favorite recipes for themselves and others are free to do so in a community kitchen filled with every kind of appliance, utensil and ingredient imaginable to create generous portions of culinary creativity and fabulous food. Residents then dine family-style, around a large table, beautifully set and frequently adorned with flowers and seasonally themed centerpieces.

Healthy eating habits are shown to promote brain function, physical ability and emotional balance. Access to a nutritious and satisfying diet has been research-identified as a cornerstone of quality of life, especially during a person’s senior years.

The days where meals arrived on trays are coming to an end. Learn more about how residential style living is revolutionizing how Elders in need of skilled nursing and long-term care are living.