What’s it like to live at Tabitha? For over 500 residents in 11 Tabitha living communities, the answer is simply…enriching.

Tabitha’s life enrichment teams span across southeast Nebraska to promote the self respect and self expression of the people who choose to live within our walls. These amazing team members have the challenging, yet rewarding task of meeting the needs of residents mentally, spiritually and physically.

“It’s challenging, but incredibly rewarding” said Christiana Baker, Tabitha Nursing and Rehabilitation Center’s life enrichment coordinator overseeing the life enrichment teams of Tabitha Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Tabitha’s Green House® homes and Journey House SNF for Hospice Care. “Someone may not want to play bingo on Mondays or attend bible study on Fridays, so we have to make sure that we offer a wide-variety of social and enriching opportunities to meet everyone’s needs.”

And those opportunities are vast. Throughout the Tabitha continuum of living communities, residents can enjoy one-on-one personal visits, card clubs, women’s and men’s groups, orchestral performances, crafts, bird watchings and monthly outings, just to name a few. At Tabitha Nursing and Rehabilitation alone, dozens of activities are offered each week, and designed to fit the needs of those who desire a lot of activity as well as those whose conditions or preferences require simpler things.

“Volunteers play a huge role in what we offer,” said Baker. “We welcome everyone from school-aged children to help call bingo numbers to college students looking for class requirements.” From one-time helpers to frequent visitors, volunteers help lead activities, perform musically for resident groups, or even have a one-on-one conversation with a new friend.

Tabitha’s life enrichment teams work tirelessly, 365 days a year to ensure Tabitha living communities are the best place to live.

“We’re rewarded with smiles,” said Baker. “It’s the residents who make this job worthwhile and we’re the ones who get to put the smile on their face. That’s what makes this the best job at Tabitha.”