Across Tabitha’s 12 living communities, more than 70 dedicated food service employees and dietitians work diligently from 4 a.m. to 8 p.m., 365 days per year to plan and create home-cooked those who call Tabitha home. What does it take to provide three “square ones” a day for hundreds of people? Over 6,000 hours per year preparing and serving meals.

That’s a lot of cooking! But it’s more than just a meal.

Tabitha has revolutionized the dietary experience by converting to choice dining. This means considerable time and resources are invested in multiple serving stations complete with warmers, refrigerators and “place your order” options.

The personalized experience goes even further at Tabitha’s residential-style long-term care and skilled nursing communities. Here, the commitment of creating a home of Elders starts around the table. Each house features large dining tables where residents eat home-cooked meals family-style. Home cooked is right, universal caregivers who also provide nursing support, share the cooking responsibilities. Residents play a huge role in menu planning. Feel like toast at 10 p.m.? How about breakfast at 9 a.m. instead of 7? No problem in a Tabitha residential-style community.

At Tabitha, our residents are family, and that is why so much time, effort and resources are devoted to making the dietary experience personalized and pleasurable.

Cheryl Slama, dietary manager at Tabitha of Crete and Garden Square Assisted Living, said it best, “The people we serve aren’t just a number, and they aren’t just our paycheck. We care about them as individuals, and they are our family.”

Shirley Smith, Tabitha's director of food and nutrition in Lincoln, added, “Our special ingredients are love and compassion!”