PHOTO: Garth-bound, Tabitha Hospice, Journey House resident, Tim Hynek (front), is surrounded by friend, Tom Mills, Tabitha Hospice volunteer, Autumn Wright, and his father, Glenn Hynek.

Bucket lists, most of us have one and if we’re lucky, we get the privilege to fulfill at least a few dreams on that list as life progresses. Many had the opportunity to check a ‘must-see’ off their list by attending one of Garth Brooks’ concerts.

That was the case for Tabitha Hospice, Journey House, resident Tim Hynek. Like many of us, he had Brooks on his once-in-a-lifetime list. Just 57 years young and diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)—a progressive disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord, he made his concert request known.

Thanks to the always-thoughtful work of Tabitha’s Hospice team, his wishes became a reality.

After learning of Hynek’s wishes, Tabitha Hospice Social Worker Barb Anderson along with team member Psychosocial Services Director Kadi Holmberg, MDW, LICSW, set out on a mission to get him to the concert. They reached out to the generous Dreamweaver Foundation, who graciously granted Hynek’s request, complete with tickets, spending money and transportation to the event.

“I’ve been a Garth Brooks fan for many years and always wanted to see him in person,” shared Hynek, “I’m grateful to the caring Tabitha Hospice team for making it all happen and to share a special evening with those that mean so much to me.”

Hynek was able to extend the special invite to his father, Glenn, along with treasured Tabitha Hospice Volunteer, Autumn Wright, and dear friend, Tom Mills.

“This is one of the many reasons Tabitha Hospice exists—to listen intently to clients’ and families’ wants and wishes, making treasured memories and days brighter,” said Holmberg.

“It is simply why we do what we do at Tabitha,” echoed both Anderson and Wright.

Hynek and guest, Tom Mills, ­ have an amazing friendship formed by happenstance and forged in caring. Mills had frequently been visiting his wife’s relative under Tabitha’s hospice care when he also got to know Hynek. So much so that even after his loved one passed away, Mills still continues to stop in and see Hynek a few times a week.

“I know Tim does so much better when he has something to look forward to and know he appreciates my visits, especially when I bring cookies,” Mills said. “It is funny how life’s challenges bring people together, and this is just one example of how Tabitha Hospice works to enhance the quality of people’s lives,” shared Mills, who also is a volunteer for Tabitha Meals on Wheels.

Long after a concert wraps, priceless memories remain. Music has the beautiful ability of taking our minds off of day-to-day challenges and brings us closer. Strangers unite for a few hours to share in their common love of song. As Garth Brooks swept the city, he touched Hynek and his friends and family and reminded us of the ways that hospice enhances life.

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