It’s the silver tsunami and affecting millions of seniors every day…it’s dementia, and its effects can be heartbreaking for individuals and their families.

That’s why we opened GracePointe Assisted Living & Memory Care Suites. The community sits on our main campus here in Lincoln and, opened in 2011, is home to over 60 individuals in need of some aging support, yet not in need of round the clock nursing care.

The assisted living community specializes in memory care, helping individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia stay safe and live enriched lives, despite their memory loss. How do we do this? There are two important ingredients in providing compassionate memory support.

Specialized Caregivers

At GracePointe, caregivers receive special training for helping individuals face memory loss. They learn techniques to support, not hinder daily lives. It’s the difference between shaming individuals for not remembering and supporting what they do remember, and it makes all the difference to families.

Caregivers spend time developing life enrichment curriculums, activities that help individuals reminisce about the “good old days.” Activities are designed to help residents spark memories and live in the moment. Handling balls of yarn, for instance, can be a comfort for someone who knitted her whole life but now can’t remember how to start.

Courageous Design

Design is so important in memory support. Secured areas to prevent wandering are only the beginning. Neighborhoods, as we call them, are small, creating intimacy and helping those with memory loss to not get overwhelmed with new people or new faces. Memory boxes are placed outside resident’s doors—places for them to display personal belongings, photographs of family members and other keepsakes to help spark memories.

Everything, down to the retro décor, is designed to support those with memory loss. Every detail is important.

GracePointe is one of our gems here at Tabitha and I’m proud to tell the story of how it helps individuals age with grace, always inspiring.


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