There’s no greater inspiration than hearing about people bettering themselves. Awhile back, we had Jean Kops on our radio show (learn about the show here). Over the hill herself, she decided to go back to school and pursue a college degree in sociology. Amazing! And definitely inspiring.

I’ve always believed that just because you age, doesn’t mean you have to stop doing. Nothing has affirmed that belief more than my work at Tabitha. Here, seniors are always doing! There’s the couple who lives at Tabitha's GracePointe who still go out to dinner every weekend, there’s the hospice clients whose dream was to see the Husker stadium and our caregivers made it happen, and there’s the resident at our Green House homes who wanted a margarita for her birthday and sure enough, she sat on her front porch on her birthday...drinking a margarita.

Embracing the aging journey is sometimes difficult. Our bodies, minds and stamina aren’t what they once were. And still, whether you’re in your 20s or 80s your goals may look similarly--pursuing a college degree or seeing your favorite sports team. And, just as attainable.

Be inspire(d) by these stories - take them and embrace your own aging  journey. There’s no reason to stop growing, stop learning or stop doing. Take a chance, you may just be surprised.