Shining light on those who work behind the scenes to ensure health care communities provide care seamlessly. Today, we explore facility services, known at Tabitha as living community services. This team works with building and campus maintenance, construction projects and so much more!

Living Community Services at Tabitha

The 18 team members of Tabitha’s living community services work together to maintain nearly a dozen Tabitha living communities, rental properties and office areas throughout Lincoln and Crete, Neb. The crew ensures that each building, totaling more than 500,000 square feet combined, is a well oiled machine. They mow lawns, paint walls, arrange conference areas, renovate rooms, maintain heating and cooling systems, push snow, head major construction projects and process an average of 13,000+ work orders each year that keep them busy doing everything from changing light bulbs to moving offices. Their efforts come with big rewards: beautiful campuses and comfortable homes for Elders.

Tabitha’s living community services manages 45-70 improvement and construction projects each year. In 2013, they constructed two serving kitchens and painted nearly 80 resident rooms and apartments in addition to heating and cooling upgrades and rebuilds.

No stranger to hard work, the team has nearly 200 combined years of maintenance experience and the average staff tenure at Tabitha is over nine years.

Two grounds team members head up the beautification of Tabitha’s campus, mowing an average of three days per week during the summer months, maintaining lawn sprinklers which pump 240 gallons per minute and removing over 15 tons of leaves off the campus during the fall. When a snow storm hits, the entire team pitches in by pushing snow and sprinkling an average of four pallets of Ice Melt every year.

An important part of the living community services team is not only the team members but the equipment. Over 2,000 pieces of equipment are continuously maintained.

Stay-tuned to new blog posts in August for more health care behind the scenes!