Every day, 365 days a year, a team of heroes gather to make a difference for over 500 individuals in the Lincoln community. And every day, I’m amazed and inspired by them.

I’m talking about Tabitha Meals on Wheels—where a team of employees work to cook, label, package and sort over 500 nutritious meals 365 days a year—where hundreds of monthly volunteers spend 90 minutes of their day with a route delivery sheet in rain or shine—where countless donors give selflessly to ensure Lincoln residents who are unable to leave their homes never go hungry.

So much more than a meal. Tabitha is one of the many organizations around the country who run a Meals on Wheels program. The service simply delivers a warm, nutritious meal to the door of someone in need. But not so simply, the delivery volunteers provide an invaluable safety check for Elders with each knock on their door, enabling seniors like Mable to remain living in the home where she raised a family. And, volunteers offer a smile and companionship, if even for a few minutes, for Elders like Jim, a veteran whose family has passed and has no other visitors during the day.

I’ve had the privilege of contributing to this wonderful service as volunteer and I’ve had the privilege of sharing the experience with my husband and two daughters who now think more about serving others than of serving themselves.

When I first became a Tabitha Meals on Wheels delivery driver, I had no idea the impact it would have. I mean, it’s driving to a house, knocking on the door and handing over a meal. What difference would it make?! I was quickly amazed by the impact it had. The impact I had. With just 90 minutes on a Saturday morning, I had the opportunity to meet some amazing people—people who served and built our community and now only want to remain in their homes, but they needed a little help.

More than serving, I noticed the quality family time we spent just navigating the roads of Lincoln, taking turns delivering the meals and sharing our time away from “screens” in a meaningful way.  

Tabitha Meals on Wheels is so much more than just a meal. For recipients, the service means independence, wellbeing and health. For volunteers, the rewards are endless.

Tabitha has been delivering meals since 1967 and remains the only program of its kind in Lincoln. Unlike many Meals on Wheels programs around the country, we refuse to say NO to someone in need which means we are constantly growing and in constant need of volunteers.

This post today is to share with you the impact you and your family can have as a volunteer. The program simply could not run with out people like you who spend a Saturday morning in service. We are in great need of Friday and Saturday morning Meals on Wheels volunteers this summer. I invite you to sign up and try it—just once—and see what impact it has for your family.


To learn more about Meals on Wheels - visit our Meals on Wheels website or watch this video.

To sign up for a volunteer route - visit our Volunteer website or email volunteers@tabitha.org