Can exercise turn back the hands of time? Proper exercise has long been regarded as part of a healthy lifestyle. Doctors and experts say exercise can help prevent and ease the symptoms of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and many other chronic diseases. But do those who exercise really look and feel younger?

If You Don't Use It, You Lose It

This article compares the human body to a classic car. If you don’t drive the car, parts will rust, engines won’t run. The body, it says, is the same story. Exercise helps individuals keep muscles, bones, tissues and everything in between doing what it’s supposed to do. A run isn’t just miles on a treadmill or steps on a FitBit, it enables the body to work through the kinks, and ensures another run is possible.

Reversing the Signs of Aging

If exercise can help slow aging processes, what about reversing the signs of time. This article from Harvard talks about a fascinating study done in 1966 where they asked a group of 20 year-old men to spend three weeks on bed rest to measure the effects. They found that after those three weeks, the men showed signs of aging of those twice their age! After an 8-week exercise program, them men were able to reduce and reverse those effects of bedrest.  

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise has some amazing benefits on the aging journey. It can help keep us doing what we love, seeing those we hold dear. Aim for the recommended exercise for you physical ability and age group. For older adults, even gentle exercise or active lifestyles can help prevent and even reverse aging signs and chronic illness. Amazing stuff!!