RealAge is a test created by doctors and researchers to determine your “real” age. Different from the year you were born, RealAge takes lifestyle, environmental and other factors into account to determine what age your body truly is. Are you a smoker? Add some years on. Do you exercise regularly? Take some years off.

What benefits can be found from discovering your “real” age?

Status Updates

It’s always good to know where you are with health. Knowing your numbers, your general health is important for catching chronic disease warning signs and other health signs that could be a problem down the road. The RealAge test isn’t a replacement from an in-person physical with a doctor, but it’s an easy way to get a quick snapshot of your current health. Heck - your body may be younger than you think!

Whole Health

RealAge looks at the entire person when calculating your age. That involves not only physical factors that affect health, but emotional factors like stress and depression and other lifestyle factors like second-hand smoke, how happy your partnerships/friendships are, financial burdens, even if you have any pets.

Action Plan

Your RealAge results will provide you with a checklist of health-related factors and whether you’re on-track or those items are making you younger or older. The list provides you with a valuable tool - things you can work on TODAY that can drive the age of your body down. Everything from eating more vegetables to expanding your social circles. These stats outline where your health goals should be focused.

The RealAge test is no substitute for an in-person physical, but digital resources like this are helping thousands of people get a grip on their health. Knowledge is power when health is concerned.

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