In the U.S., aging isn’t necessarily first on the celebration list, but it should be. Aging comes with a lot of perks, if you’re open to looking for them. Check out these top four reasons to celebrate aging.


With age comes wisdom, right? The old saying is actually scientifically true. Studies show that people who are older are better at social situations and cognitive processes. Experiences enable older adults to be more confident in making decisions and handing out advice. Older adults are less driven by their ego - the quest to move up the corporate and social ladders and more driven by past experiences and lessons learned along the way.


Need I say more?? Do the things you want, when you want them. Ahh, someday...someday...


Older people have shown in studies to be happier than their younger counterparts. Some contribute this to emotions. As we age, we have less negative emotions and overall - the fluctuating scale of emotional ups and downs is significantly lower than it was in our 20s or even our 40s. This research suggests older adults are happier because they’re more trusting. Interesting stuff!

The Next Act

Ted Talks have a collection of aging talks (six of them) to “make you feel good about aging.” Check them out here and take a look at the Dan Gilbert talk where he explains  the misconception people hold that life doesn’t change as we get older. He says that people often think they’re “finished” that our lives, interests, personalities won’t change with age. But nothing could be further from the truth.

One of my favorite aging examples is of Colonel Harland Sanders (yes, that Colonel). He didn’t begin selling fried chicken until he was in his 40s. And the now iconic Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants weren’t franchised until the Colonel was in his 60s. Never count yourself out - your biggest act may be just ahead of you.