The holidays are here! With my busy schedule, the festivities seem to creep up faster and faster each year. There are gifts to buy, cards to sign, events to attend, work to wrap up (phew!), all before settling down this week to enjoy the reason for the season with my wonderful family.

For me, the holidays are excitingly busy, but for many seniors, the holidays can bring up feelings of loss, loneliness and even depression. I think a lot about Elders this time of year, imagining what the loss of a spouse, family moving away or how loss of tradition would affect the holiday season. This time of year, no one wants to feel lonely or grieve those Christmases of the past.

I recently watched a rendition of “A Christmas Carol,” the Dickens’ classic. The story hit home this time - an aging man who lost a lot in his life--love, family, a work partner--now has a very “bah-humbug” outlook on not only the season of giving, but life in general. I felt for Scrooge like never have before. I mean, can you blame him?! He’s not unlike those aging in our own communities.

Scrooge found his joy again through an adventurous evening with the help of a few spirits. I was inspire(d)! Showing love and generosity for others this time of year is what these spirits taught Scrooge. They showed him memories and scenes of generosity that then inspire(d) him to show that love for others. These are things all of us can do! That’s what the season is all about!

This year, I invite you to spread generosity for those who need it most - seniors. Give your Aunt Hazel a call. Schedule a visit at a senior living community (like one of Tabitha’s) to visit an Elder who may not have family this season. Volunteer for a holiday event. There’s so much you can do to spread compassion!

We know a little about spreading compassion at Tabitha...okay - a LOT about that. It’s our mission and what we do best. Looking for ideas on how to remember seniors this season? Contact our volunteer department for ideas this season and all year long.

From all of us at Tabitha, have a very happy and merry holiday.