“What are the signs I should be looking for that signal Dad might be ready to move to a senior living community?” —Jim


Knowing when the time is right to explore senior living options with a loved one is never easy. You might be worried about the emotional grief your Dad may experience by leaving home, the costs of living communities and the perceived loss of independence. I’ve worked in this field for many years and have helped many families explore the available options, determining together when the time is right.

There are clear signs you can look for that may signal the conversation should happen sooner rather than later. Consider these questions:

Have you noticed that you have to visit more often to ensure his medications are being taken properly?

Have you noticed that you have to visit more often to ensure his medications are being taken properly?

Has your dad had a recent fall or injury in his home that makes his safety a concern?

Does he have a medical condition such as a chronic disease or other issue that has prompted his doctor to recommend a different living environment?

Sometimes, the signs are much more subtle. Perhaps you’ve noticed your dad, who has always been clean shaven and in a pressed shirt, now needs reminders about his grooming or hygiene. Did you give him a hug and note that he felt thinner? Even subtle weight loss can signal difficulty with shopping or preparing meals. Have you seen any unexplained bruises or noticed that he seems a bit more unsteady on his feet?

One of the best signs and often the most overlooked is your dad’s emotional well-being. Even with a loving family and healthy support system, many Elders feel isolated in their own homes. It can be especially difficult if your dad is no longer able to drive. One of the benefits of moving to a senior living community is the social component. At Tabitha, our life enrichment teams organize activities and social opportunities for residents to feel connected while giving you the peace of mind that your loved one is in a safe environment. Our BlankPage™ philosophy of care across the entire Tabitha continuum means every person we serve is treated as a unique individual with their own story, circumstances, hopes, dreams and goals for the future.

The decisions about making a move to a senior living community can be very emotional and difficult, but your Tabitha Continuum Navigator is with you every step of the way. Give us a call and we can talk about the options for independent living, assisted living or even skilled nursing and long-term care. Sometimes, families think a living community is the only option but it’s only the beginning. We can help you and your loved one explore the home care options and additional support and determine what the best fit is for your family.


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