What is “supply chain operations” and what does it have to do with health care? This week’s health care behind-the-scenes post features this department that you’ve probably never heard of, but has touched anyone within a major health care setting.

One of the hubs of health care, supply chain operations coordinate purchasing efforts, vehicle management, equipment delivery, supply distribution, asset management and so much more! Here’s a little about supply chain operations at Tabitha!

With just around a dozen employees, and a dozen part-time volunteers, Tabitha’s supply chain operations touch every employee, volunteer and Elder within Tabitha’s 28 southeast Nebraska county region. Like most supply chain operation departments, they help purchase supplies, produce printed materials, distribute and transport supplies and materials to communities and homes across the region and even work to repair equipment.

Tabitha’s supply chain print and sign shop regularly produces nearly 25,500 copies on a weekly basis. Team members manage the flow of project orders and work to trim, laminate, staple and produce service brochures, client forms, resident calendars, external signage and business cards among hundreds of other projects, saving the organizations thousands were these items produced outside of Tabitha’s walls.

Near the Lincoln campus is a 6,000 sq. ft. warehouse where team members store desk, files, historical data, durable medical equipment (DME), hospice medical equipment (HME) as well as 48 boxes of Christmas decorations!

During a typical five-day work-week, supply chain team members make 75 hospice medical equipment deliveries in the Lincoln area alone. In addition to Lincoln, supplies are delivered across Nebraska.

Since 2010, Tabitha has added four new living communities to its Lincoln campus and renovated countless resident rooms and rehabilitation areas. After the walls were painted, supply chain was there to order and set up dozens of new beds, furniture and other medical equipment.