Health care providers are only half the story when it comes to caring for 2,500 Elders each day. Tabitha, like other health care organizations, have countless behind-the-scenes workers dedicated to helping providers provide care. This month, we're exploring those behind the scenes processes that make care possible. 

Here’s a look at Information Technology. Did you Know?

Tabitha Information Technology 

Assists 1,200+ employees and Tabitha living community residents with all technology needs.

Network administration, hardware and software support.

Keeps technology systems current, efficient and evolving.

Tabitha’s email exchange system averages 1.4 million emails per year.

Tabitha Nursing Informatics

Creates system processes to ensure efficiency of nursing documentation and practices.

Focuses on the operation of electronic medical records and installation of computerized order entry systems.

Team members are all nurses who understand both clinical side and technology/software side of providing care.

Tabitha Telecommunications

Often the first contact for Tabitha walk-in guests and phone calls.

Operators greet and direct visitors, make notifications such as weather alerts.

Integrates Voice over Internet Protocol which allows Tabitha to integrate phone system with email and many other efficiencies.

Tabitha phone system averages 1 million calls per year.

Tabitha Mail Team

Distributes all interoffice mail and maintains incoming and outgoing U.S. Postal mail.

Organizes over 120,000 pieces of U.S. Postal mail annually (around 10,000 per month!)

Tabitha HIPAA

Manages all stages of HIPAA which include compliance, privacy and security.

HIPAA protects the rights of Tabitha clients and security.

The vice president of information technology serves as Tabitha’s chief security officer. 

Stay tuned all month long to for more behind-the-scenes looks at the health care industry!