Tabitha is proud to partner with the Lincoln Track Club to present the Tabitha 10K and 2-Mile Run/Walk on Sat., April 7. Making manageable changes in your lifestyle can have a big impact on your health, so start your year off right by setting a goal to sign up and participate in Tabitha’s Walk/Run! 

To help you reach your target, we’ve created training plans based on your level and distance.


Consult with your physician before starting a training program.


Walk/run in shoes that provide adequate support and cushioning.


Please share the event on social media, too. When friends, family and co-workers are aware that you’re training for a walk or run, it can help to hold you accountable. Discussing your goals with people can empower you!


Once or twice a week try to schedule a time to meet up with someone. Doing this provides a social aspect to training and will keep things fun.


If you miss a walk/run day (or two), just pick up where you left off. If you are unable to complete the time/mile(s), don’t sweat it; just do what you can. It’s always better to do something versus nothing.


Don’t let the excuses or the negative voices in your head win. Envision your goal, and tell yourself you can do it!

With these tips in mind you are ready to go!

Adapt one of these training plans to your individual fitness level. Always warm up for 5–10 minutes before a workout and perform stretches after. Good luck and have fun!

Level ONE Training Plan

This level is a “Couch-to-2- mile/10K” style walking/running program designed for the beginner or for someone coming back to exercise after an extended break. This plan consists of:

  • A walk/run two times per week with the option to cross-train or run on Saturdays. 
  • Two days are measured in minutes, so don’t worry about the distance you cover. 
  • The Saturday walk/run of the week is listed in miles. This will ensure you cover the distance needed in preparation for your 2-mile/10K walk/run at the end of the training plan. 

To complete the training for the Tabitha 10K, start week one on Jan. 15. For the 2-mile run, start Feb. 12.

*And 2-mile walk and kids’ race.

Level TWO Training Plan

Designed for someone who has actively been running and wants to increase their mileage and overall fitness. This plan consists of:

  • Running three days a week plus optional cross-training or rest two days per week. 
  • Two days are measured in minutes with Saturdays listed in miles. 
  • The gradual progression of endurance runs will allow you to run farther, and the cross-training option allows you to incorporate other activities you enjoy to complement your program. 
  • There is also a week that contains two days of moderate-vigorous pace aimed at improving speed, endurance and strength while running. 

To complete the training for the Tabitha 2-mile/10K, start week one on Feb. 12.

*And 2-mile walk and kids’ race.

Training Plan Key

Walk/Run (W/R)

This is a mix between walking and/or running. To complete the desired time or distance you can also incorporate intervals of walking for 2-minutes, then running for 2-minutes.


The pace for most jogging/running should feel comfortable and you should be able to talk without getting too winded. You should feel like you are exerting about 50–60% effort. When in doubt, slow down.

Easy Pace

Walk/run the time or distance at a natural, comfortable pace.

Moderate Pace

Brisk walk/run—enough of an effort to break a sweat, without becoming winded.

Vigorous Pace

Walk/run, enough to break a heavy sweat and experience heavy breathing.


Cross-train is an activity besides running. XT is a low-impact activity such as biking, yoga, strength training class, swimming or cardio machine at the gym. Aim for 20–30 minutes at an easy effort.


To prevent injuries and help your body recover take rest days.

Download the entire Training Book here.