Exploring what goes on behind the scenes of today’s world of health care. This week’s feature - Tabitha’s accounting office...more than just monthly statements, learn how an accounting office serves behind the scenes in today’s health care.

Serving more than 2,500 clients each day throughout 28 southeast Nebraska counties, Tabitha’s caregivers aren’t the only teams whose days are filled to the brim. Self-proclaimed number crunchers and Microsoft Excel lovers, Tabitha’s accounting office serves each of those clients and a lot more besides.

Paychecks to over 1,200 employees,  cost reporting for dozens of departments, budget and monthly financial reporting, not to mention client billing are just a few of the tasks assigned to this small department comprised of an accounting team and a patient financial services team.

The accounting team leads all payroll, accounts payable, cash management, taxes, budget and so much more. Annually, they deposit $40 million, process 17,000 invoices and provide extensive reports for quarterly board meetings.

Members of the patient financial services team work with billing for over 2,500 daily clients. To complete their job, they must have extensive knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid and insurance providers. Calling with a question about a bill? These team members have the answers!

Whether it’s crunching numbers on cost reporting or helping clients with questions on invoices, the accounting office team members work behind the scenes to embrace Tabitha’s mission of serving Elders.