Since 1967, Tabitha Meals on Wheels has been delivering a hot, nutritious meal to those in the community who need it most. Over 4 million meals have been served over the last 50 years. Sometimes, “just a meal” means so much more. Here are three ways that Tabitha Meals on Wheels has been serving up more than a meal for the last 50 years.

1. Safety Check

Nearly 1,000 monthly volunteers deliver meals 365 days a year to Elders in the Lincoln community. More than just a meal delivery, these volunteers provide something more valuable—a safety check. For Elders who suffer from memory issues, mobility challenges or other chronic conditions, having a volunteer check in every day is a service without measure. If a client isn’t home who usually is, our Meals on Wheels coordinator follows up with a phone call. For family members who live away from their loved ones, this safety check provides the gift of peace of mind.

2. Independence

Sometimes it’s “just a meal” that makes a difference between staying in the home you raised your children and needing support through a senior living community. For seniors who have difficulty getting to the grocery store or cooking healthy meals, “just a meal” makes quite a difference. Nutritional changes occur quickly as the aging journey progresses. Loss of social interaction, inaccessibility to healthy foods, financial situations and changing health needs means going without proper nutrition can mean big health problems. A delivered meal can help provide the healthy boost Elders need to stay where they want to be—at home.

3. Hope

Tabitha Meals on Wheels provides hope for hundreds of recipients every day. But don’t take our word for it.

Sam’s Story
Sam has struggled to remain in his home. He lost his wife after 68 years of marriage and now faces his third battle with cancer. After several months of receiving Meals on Wheels, Sam called to cancel his meals. A few weeks later, Sam called Tabitha’s Meals on Wheels coordinator to request a meal for the next day. As Susie listened to Sam, she discovered he was losing weight and feeling ill. In tears, Sam told Susie he had stopped the meals because he could not afford to pay the daily cost for a meal. Through the support of Tabitha’s generous donors, Tabitha had the privilege of telling Sam we could continue providing for his needs, regardless of his financial constraints.

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