Like it or not, we’re getting older by the second. While some do anything they can to prevent aging (think wrinkle creams, lifts, shopping in the “junior’s” section), others embrace the aging journey, and they’re better for it. Studies now show that people are happier the older they are. For some reason, people are enjoying being older. Perhaps it’s the absence of career pressure or finding a perfect mate. Whatever the reason, there are steps you can take to make the most of your golden years. Here are three ways to enjoy aging.

1. Keep Learning

One of the fears I have about aging, as I’m sure most people do, is memory loss -- forgetting those who matter most to me, the memories I hold so dear. The good news is that research is now saying that continuous learning and challenging your brain can help prevent memory loss. Learning a new language, sitting down with a challenging crossword - all activities that exercise the brain, keeping it in top shape.

To make the most of your aging journey, you not only need to keep your brain in the game, but need to find activities to keep your spirit in as well. Learning a new task or trying a new activity can simultaneously maintain your brain AND give you purpose. Checking off those bucket list items can help you enjoy every minute.

2. Keep Connecting

As we age, friends and family move away, friends may even pass away. The change can be hard, even causing serious issues like depression. But being social is an important aspect of happiness. We need others to connect with, to share our celebrations and struggles. Luckily, connecting with others, even far away, has never been easier for older adults.

Technology like video chats and social media can make it easy to visit with family members miles away. Social groups found in senior centers, the YMCA and educational providers give seniors opportunities to connect. Many older adults choose to live in retirement communities where they can own or rent apartments in communities where older adults live. Besides the benefits of maintenance-free living, some communities offer social opportunities, clubs, activities, fitness groups to connect and socialize.

3. Keep Moving

Fitness is important at any age, but when you're older, a simple walk, swim or bike ride can make a huge difference for happiness. The motivations of exercising is different when you’re 20 than when you’re 60. You’re probably less worried about having the “perfect” body, and more concerned with maintenance. Moving can help keep your body doing the things you want, keep it from succumbing to chronic diseases (think diabetes, heart disease, arthritis).

A healthy body is a happy body.

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