At Tabitha, our volunteer base is just about as large as our employee base. Every day, volunteers help deliver meals to those who are unable to leave their homes, they transport Elders unable to walk to church services and bingo games, and they lend a comforting hand to someone at the end of their life.

Tabitha simply could not continue to fulfill its mission without the support from individuals who selflessly give what matters most, their time.

Volunteer opportunities are abundant in whatever community you live. Whether it’s lending your business expertise on a non-profit’s board of directors, providing a meal for those who need nourishment, cleaning up a public area, or providing conversation to those who have none, there’s a volunteer opportunity to fit any skill or lifestyle.

Beyond helping those in the community, volunteer opportunities have surprising and amazing benefits for the volunteers.

Lower risk of depression

Helping others = feeling good. There’s absolutely a sense of gratitude, humility and overall feeling of warm fuzzies you experience anytime you lend a helping hand. It’s human nature to work together and volunteering helps us fulfill our innate tendencies. Isolations, especially with older adults is one of the leading causes of depression. As humans, we simply need to connect. Volunteering helps see outside ourselves and connect with others - decreasing the risk for depression and isolation.

Lower risk for heart disease

Chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes are aggravated by elevated stress levels. Some volunteer opportunities, like volunteering to socialize animals at the humane society or seeing the face of and Elder light up when they win bingo can ease the hectic nature of our lives. Volunteering gives us an opportunity to take a step back, see what’s important and leave the deadlines and to do lists for a few hours.

Lower risk for Alzheimer’s and other dementia

One of the ways to maintain your brain health and prevent memory loss is to be a lifelong learner. What better way to continuously learn than by doing so while volunteering!? Volunteering opportunities, like any jobs require new skills to learn. Keeping your brain thinking and learning is part of “brain exercises” that can help ward off memory loss.

Check out ways you can get involved at Tabitha as a volunteer.