Tabitha at Williamsburg-Cove House

Tabitha at Williamsburg—Cove House


Tabitha at Williamsburg—Cove House, located in Lincoln's south Williamsburg neighborhood, was created to de-institutionalize the “nursing home culture” from the inside out. With the belief that meaningful lives are ones with choices, Tabitha set out to create a place where seniors could enjoy all the comforts of home—including the ability to direct their own care and lifestyle—and remain as independent as possible while doing so.

Our innovative approach means that residents have free will to live life exactly as they please. They rise, sleep and eat at the time of their choosing. Their menu is custom-made and personally served, with 24-hour access to meals and snacks. At most mealtimes, residents and staff alike come together at the large, family-style dining table to share the warmth of food and conversation. Hobbies and leisure activities are encouraged and often become shared interests among residents. Inclusive group outings are offered frequently, but never required. Family, friends and visitors are welcome—anytime and every time. Birthdays and holidays are house-wide events—there is no shortage of celebrating here!

Bob's Story

Bob came to live with his daughter, Mary, and her family four years after his wife died and six months after he was diagnosed with a progressive illness. The family had always taken care of each other, but after 18 months with Mary’s family, Bob’s illness reached a point where he could no longer be safely cared for in the family home. Mary was worried that being too far away—even across town—would cause her dad to feel isolated and alone.

Once they discovered Tabitha at Williamsburg—Cove House, Mary and her dad knew the future was still bright. With professional, 24/7 caregiving and a family-home environment just down the road from Mary’s south Lincoln home, Bob is thriving in the company of his new friends and fellow armed forces veterans, who daily swap war stories and nostalgic memories of a time gone by. Mary, her husband and kids visit several times weekly, and Bob even joins the family every Sunday night for dinner at their home.

Why Tabitha

Progressive communities like Tabitha at Williamsburg—Cove House have been lauded in national research findings that report drastically improved clinical outcomes when compared with traditional skilled nursing, along with greatly reduced rates of common social/emotional side effects of aging, such as loneliness and depression. Goals are a focus here. Residents are encouraged to set them, and staff are motivated to help see them reached. Working together, it’s no wonder this kind of environment forms the baseline for a quality of life that’s second-to-none in long-term care.


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