Tabitha of Crete

Tabitha of Crete


When choosing a long-term care community for your loved one, many things may come to mind. You want it to feel like home, be vibrant with activity, smell like your favorite comfort food and have quiet places to relax.

For the region’s best in skilled nursing and rehabilitative care with all the small-town comforts of home, Tabitha of Crete is the answer. This intimate, 40-bed community features Tabitha’s renowned quality of care and has been recognized among the “Best Nursing Homes in Nebraska” by U.S News & World Report.

Staffed 24 hours per day by licensed nurses who provide individualized care—including memory support—and a compassionate approach, your loved one is right at home at Tabitha of Crete.

Marion’s Story

After her second fall in the same year, Marion worried she may not recover fast enough or well enough to stay in the community where she had grown up and spent most of her life.

After a hospital stay, Marion went to Tabitha of Crete, where she began rehabilitation, and her outlook began to change.

“The Tabitha therapists were so encouraging,” she said. “I knew with their help I would make the fullest physical recovery that my body was able. And the best part was that I could do it all without leaving my hometown.”

Marion faced her new mobility challenges with courage and determination, and she quickly embraced the welcoming new community of friends and family she found at Tabitha of Crete.

“I’m probably more active here than I ever was on my own,” she said. “It’s a wonderful, caring place with no shortage of things to do.”

Why Tabitha

Skilled Nursing and Rehabiltiation

Skilled nursing and rehabilitation care is provided when an individual needs experts to manage, observe and evaluate recovery care. Often, seniors come to Tabitha of Crete following a surgery or hospital stay. Rehabilitative and recuperative therapy is given for a short period of time and may be paid for privately or by individual insurance plans, Medicare or Medicaid (based on coverage and qualifications).

Recovering with help from Tabitha’s rehabilitation services means your loved one will receive the best in individualized, inpatient rehab programs coupled with the love, compassion and encouragement of Tabitha’s physical, occupational and speech therapists. With a care plan designed to fit your loved one’s needs, he or she will be on the road to recovery the moment they walk through the door.

Long-Term Care

Long-term care is a more permanent living option for seniors with chronic illness or disability. An experienced nursing team aids in the tasks of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, dining and other personal care. Costs of services are paid for either privately or by long-term care insurance plans, Medicare or Medicaid (based on coverage and qualifications).


Want to learn more about skilled nursing and long-term care at Tabitha of Crete? Contact a Tabitha Continuum Navigator here today or call 402.486.8520 for more information. We’ll connect you with the Tabitha resources that best fit your own or your loved one’s aging journey.

Not sure what care option is right for your loved one?