EngAGE by Tabitha

EngAGE by Tabitha™


It’s the golden ticket for any family experiencing the aging journey of a loved one: preparedness. With EngAGE, Tabitha offers truly customized consultation and personal services to set up critical choices in advance rather than waiting for a crisis. This premier, membership-based program offers peace of mind to spouses, children and caregivers—especially those who live far away—knowing that a plan is in place for whatever lies ahead.

Ellen and Francis’ Story

Ellen knew it was time to get help caring for her husband, Francis. His health and mobility shaky for several years, the past six months had brought a new dimension to their already challenging lifestyle when his memory began a decline.

After a thorough home visit with a registered nurse and EngAGE by Tabitha’s program manager, Ellen still didn’t think the couple was quite ready for Tabitha’s personalized consultation service. She did, however, sign up for bi-weekly in-home support to help with light housekeeping and respite care so she could run errands without taxing Francis’ already fragile condition and energy level.

Just a week later, Ellen found herself at her husband’s hospital bedside after a fall. Overwhelmed by the suddenness of the situation and overwhelmed with information from a half-dozen local rehabilitation centers, Ellen gravitated immediately to her newfound place of comfort. “I’ve got Tabitha,” she told the hospital caseworker. “They know us, and they’ll take care of us.”

Following a successful recovery at Tabitha Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Francis returned home with renewed energy but ongoing needs. Ellen now knew that functioning as her husband’s sole caregiver wasn’t the best she could offer either of them, so she once again called Tabitha.

Today, Ellen and Francis benefit from Tabitha in-home support services seven days per week, and a membership with EngAGE by Tabitha. Francis can remain comfortable, safe and secure at home, and Ellen no longer has to worry about all the “what ifs.” They both have peace of mind in the knowledge that they can turn to Tabitha whenever they need help—literally, day or night—and that no matter what, no matter when, we’re consistently, dependably and always by their side for every successive step in the aging journey.

Why Tabitha

When it comes to aging, too many older adults—and their loved ones—find themselves facing difficult health care decisions alone and uninformed, unaware of the options and forced to make critical choices in moments muddled by fear, grief and haste. But it doesn’t have to be that way. For discerning Elders and their families, EngAGE by Tabitha offers personalized answers for your aging journey. Through EngAGE by Tabitha, a family adds depth and breadth to their loved one’s aging journey, proactively identifying options and directing choices in advance, rather than waiting for a crisis to drive the decision. EngAGE grants peace of mind to spouses, children and caregivers—especially those who live far away—knowing that a plan is in place for whatever lies around the bend.


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