In-home Technology

In-Home Technology


Tabitha is proud to offer industry-leading health care technology at your fingertips to help seniors stay healthy and safe at home, wherever they call home.

VoiceCare emergency response supports independent living with a secure, reliable and live voice-to-voice system. Clients simply wear a personal activator button that, when pressed, will contact designated responders such as family, neighbors or emergency response personnel.

Telemonitoring offers a convenient service that regularly collects and transmits vital signs (blood pressure, weight, oxygen level and pulse) through a secure, cellular modem as frequently as our clients and physicians desire. When vital signs are taken daily, irregularities can be caught before they become full-fledged problems. Daily monitoring helps eliminate the two- or three-day gaps of information that can occur between home health visits.  Seniors also become more aware of their condition and understand the effects diet, activity and other factors have on their health.

Marsha’s Story

Marsha was still three years from retirement when her dad had his first fall. After inpatient rehabilitation following hip surgery, he returned home, but Marsha was worried he’d fall again. Unable to check in on him during the work week, she called Tabitha and learned about VoiceCare. Soon, Marsha’s dad was back to his normal routine…with one small but important new accessory. Now he wears his VoiceCare button day and night, ensuring his own safety and his daughter’s peace of mind while at work.

Carol’s Story

When Carol’s mom was diagnosed with congestive heart disease, monitoring her health status became extremely important. Telemonitoring from Tabitha allowed her vital signs to be transmitted to her physician’s office on a regular basis, where registered nurses reviewed and monitored the information for irregularities, and followed up on any readings that were out of a normal range. The process was easy for Carol’s mom to learn, and it gave Carol the reassurance that if anything was out of the ordinary, her mom’s physician would be the first to know.

Why Tabitha

Technology options from Tabitha offer a simple but important way to keep tabs on health between regular physician and/or home health visits. For families who live far away, it’s an extra measure to ensure their loved ones’ health and safety, even when they can’t be there. From Lincoln to Nebraska City to Grand Island, Tabitha's advances in technology can help close the distance between your loved one and the care they need. 


Want to learn more about Tabitha’s health care technology options? Contact a Tabitha Continuum Navigator here today or call 402.486.8520 for more information. We’ll connect you with the Tabitha resources that best fit your own or your loved one’s aging journey.

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