Tabitha Village

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Wilma's Story

Wilma moved with her husband, Merl, to Tabitha Village more than 15 years ago. The couple made friends, participated in activities and—most importantly—remained happy and independent in the tight-knit community.

When Merl rehabilitated from an injury at Tabitha Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Wilma made daily walks across the street to spend time with her husband but never giving up the comforts of home.

Even through hospice care and after Merl's death, Wilma kept close ties with her friends at the Village, where she still lives today.

"I always liked my independence, and I know that if I ever need help, Tabitha is here for me. The Tabitha family has been a reassuring presence in my life for a long time, and I love that."

Frank's Story

"I just can't sit stilll; I have to be doing something," he said.

The (not-so) retired painter has taken on just about every project and service opportunity available at his home at Tabitha Village.

His wife, Sandy, said the couple knew it was time to consider a move when Frank started having health issues that interfered with his ability to care for their house and large yard.

"We wanted to make the decision before it became a necessity," she said.

Today they enjoy the Village's neighborhood dinners and community outings, and they even drive the resident van on a weekly grocery run.

"Our friends are all nearby, and it's just a very neighborly place," Frank said. "We're glad to live here, contribute what we can and be good neighbors, too."

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Welcome to Tabitha Village!

For Elders seeking the dignity of independence in a safe, convenient community of their peers, Tabitha Village is the answer. Located in the heart of Lincoln, this 112-apartment (1-bedroom), 16-cottage (2-bedroom) neighborhood offers those aged 62 and better all the comforts of home. With affordable, HUD-subsidized monthly rent that includes many necessities and amenities, your loved one can reduce their overall cost of living as a Tabitha Village resident. And with our friendly, compassionate staff to assist, they can experience all the best about independent living with the security and support of Tabitha’s entire range of services, whenever and wherever they’re needed.

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