Called to Serve

Early in life, Alan Seagren, PH.D., knew his calling was to serve. Providing a childhood rooted in faith and compassion, Alan’s mother had big plans for her son.

“She always said I would make a good pastor,” Alan said. “But I had other ideas.”

Seagren followed his calling to the world of academia. There, he served and inspired thousands of university students throughout his career. Though fulfilled professionally, Alan’s desire to give continued.

Alan lived out his strong Christian faith through volunteer service, participating on the council of First Lutheran Church, serving on the boards of Midland University, Trinity Lutheran Seminary, the ELCA Church Council and Augsburg Fortress, and serving mission-based organizations like Tabitha.

“My parents and pastors have had a huge influence on my life. They set the example of how one should recognize and use his or her God-given talents.”

Alan’s wife, Sharon, has also been a significant influence. Sharon’s passion for service mirrored Alan’s, leading her to become a public school teacher and giving back at her church and the Doane College Alumni Council.

Today, the couple continues their commitment to service, even in their retired years. They not only volunteer, but give back with financial support through estate planning, gifts and supporting innovative projects like Tabitha’s end-of-life residential home on its Williamsburg campus, named in honor of extraordinary service—the Seagren House. 

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