Honoring a Mission

At Tabitha, we are privileged to meet friends each day who are also in service to a mission rooted in Christian compassion. Those friends come from all walks of life, whether they were grade school teachers or college professors, each share a similar calling. Clifford Johnson, a farmer from Chappell, Neb., didn’t know much about the clients Tabitha serves or the communities where our residents call home, but he knew Tabitha’s mission and reached out.

A quiet man living in the rolling fields of western Nebraska, Clifford knew about hard work and staying true to the lessons he learned as a child. His sister, Norma Jean said, “Dad used to tell us, ‘what we have, we give to the Lord.’”

Clifford followed the example of his parents and began financially supporting organizations associated with his church. Just as his parents had before him, Clifford found Tabitha, an organization more than 300 miles from Chappell, a serving arm of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

Supporting Tabitha became part of a family legacy for Clifford. His mother, Sylvia, had supported Tabitha throughout her life, and Clifford wanted to continue her work. He began donating to the Tabitha Foundation in a variety of ways. In 1998, he gave to a project that allowed us to add an elevator for rehabilitation clients. In 2011, he generously provided the funding for the beautiful mission-inspired, stained-glass windows that completed our chapel at Journey House SNF for End of Life Care.

Families and residents of Journey House, who are receiving support in their end-of-life journey, are able to enjoy the inspired windows today.

The mission of Clifford Johnson and his family in small-town rural Nebraska has found a home with Tabitha. Though 300 miles apart, we share an inspiration and dedication to a Christian mission.

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