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Nursing Student Program

Nursing Student Program

Tabitha Workforce Development presents a new program providing financial aid to nursing students per semester (based on years of service at Tabitha and hours worked)

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Now Accepting Applications!

Full-time, part-time and PRN Tabitha TEAMembers who:

  • Are strong role models of Live2Care Culture and in good standing
  • Have excellent attendance record (5 or fewer points)
  • Are accepted and enrolled in accredited nursing program


  • Provide documentation of:
    • Acceptance/enrollment in nursing program
    • Out-of-pocket expenses (financial aid statement)
  • Work minimum of 312 hours per semester (Jan.-June and July-Dec.), average of 12 hours per week for 26 weeks
  • Complete two non-work items from the list below:
    • Apply and get accepted into Preceptor Program
    • Apply and get accepted into Emerging Leader Program
    • Participate on a clinical committee
    • Present clinical outcomes learned in nursing school
    • Collaborate with Clinical Educator to facilitate:
      • Clinical floor education
      • Annual competency skills testing
    • Volunteer for Tabitha Meals on Wheels
    • Participate in LNSKE sponsored event (initiative to support STEM careers)
    • Other ideas submitted and approved by Director of Workforce Development
  • Complete nursing courses, submit final grade report (must earn “C” or higher)


Financial award is:

  • Between $390 and $2,340 per semester (not to exceed out-of-pocket tuition)
  • Based on years of service at Tabitha and hours worked
  • Increased each semester you remain in the program
  • Includes up to $250 one-time technology stipend toward purchase of device used for school

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