Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leader


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Complete online application below (both TEAMember and Manager)

Next scheduled Professional Development is Friday, March 27.

WANTED: Passionate TEAMembers to fill department leadership roles in three main categories

WOW Welcome Leaders

WOW and Live2Care Culture advocates, especially for new TEAMembers

  • Connect with each NEW TEAMember by:
    • Creating an environment of anticipation
    • Making a hospitable grand first impression
    • Facilitating WOW training
    • Extending LIVE2Care culture
  • Demonstrate high level of competency regarding WOW
  • Cultivate a ‘lead by example’ environment for department
  • Celebrate others for Customer Centric behavior

MENTOR Leaders

Champions of new TEAMembers to integrate them into Tabitha family

  • Initiate partnerships with each new TEAMember
  • Facilitate department cohort for new hires that supports integration into Tabitha’s family
  • Create an exceptional experience
  • Provide Connection, feedback and resources as they adjust to new roles
  • Recognize and Celebrate their milestones


TEAM builders who facilitate communication and ONE Tabitha sentiment

  • Initiate interaction between TEAMembers through communication and TEAM building activities
  • Collaborate between shifts and cross-functional departments to create awareness and unity
  • Recognize and Celebrate accomplishments within department


  • Live2Care Champions or Supporters (on Annual Performance Snapshot)
  • Manager support
  • In good standing (6 months without disciplinary action or 3 months after completion of Performance Improvement Plan, whichever is shorter)
  • Excellent attendance (≤5 points based on Attendance Policy)
  • Active participant in Tabitha meetings and events
  • Willingness and interest in 12-month commitment


  • High performer
  • Optimize your current role
  • Informally influence others
  • Open to learning, refining, testing, growing
  • Strong people skills
  • See opportunities to optimize
  • Unite others
  • Wants to be a leader
  • Centered by Tabitha’s Core Values


  • Document monthly programs, activities and connection points
  • Track budgeted expenses monthly
  • Meet with Director, Workforce Development quarterly
  • Connect with other Emerging Leaders


  • $250 annual budget per department to further the initiative Budget shared between designated Emerging Leaders within department
    • Provided via five $50 VISA cards
  • Emerging Leader badge clip
  • Toolkit 
  • $250 individual stipend bonus after 12 months

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