Gas Up at U-Stop to Give Back in July

In July, Tabitha Meals on Wheels is U-Stop’s featured nonprofit and the recipient of community donations as part of the U-Stop Kicks It Back to the Community Program.

Every Tuesday in July, 2¢ of each gallon of gas purchased will “kick back” to Tabitha Meals on Wheels, a meal delivery service for seniors that provides nutrition—and much more—to hundreds of older neighbors in Lincoln. Donations will also be collected at the front counter of each U-Stop shop.

Eighty-one percent of Tabitha Meals on Wheels recipients cannot afford the full cost of the meal they depend upon to remain independent at home. The nonprofit program relies on community support and generous contributions to make weekday deliveries possible.

“We’re honored that Tabitha has again been chosen as a recipient of U-Stop’s generosity. They do so much to support our community,” shared JP Lauterbach, Director of Development at the Tabitha Foundation. “As the very first program of its kind in Lincoln, Tabitha Meals on Wheels has been delivering since 1967. Fuel up at U-Stop on Tuesdays in July and support neighbors in need!”

About U-Stop

M.E. “Bus” Whitehead founded Whitehead Oil Company in 1959. Sixty years later, Whitehead Oil now includes 40 U-Stop locations in Lincoln, southeast Nebraska and Kansas. U-Stop is fueling the future through their ongoing commitment to giving back to the communities their shops are based in.

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