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Coming Full Circle with Tabitha Rehabilitation: Jim's Story

Navigating rehabilitation options after a hospital stay or surgery can be a difficult journey, but Tabitha can help make recovery a reality.

Jim Siemer, a 79-year-old Lincoln resident, needed a short-term stay at a community with therapy services after undergoing a major back surgery. His late wife had required a similar stay, and after witnessing the quality and proficiency of care provided to her by Tabitha’s experts, Jim’s decision was a no-brainer: his Answer was Tabitha.

During his stay at Tabitha LifeQuest, Jim was able to rest and heal with the aid of Tabitha’s Caring nurses. He then began his inpatient rehabilitation, and after four weeks, Jim was able to return to his home safely with some “homework” in tow: discharge paperwork from his physical therapists that contained exercises and stretches meant to maximize his mobility and recovery.

On day one of outpatient therapy, Jim walked into Tabitha’s LifeQuest Rehabilitation Gym with the support of a walker and back brace. Fast forward to his final outpatient session—or “rehabilitation graduation”—he breezed through exercises with his dutiful cane set against the wall a few feet away.

Jim and his Tabitha Rehabilitation therapist, John Seipel

Jim and his Tabitha Rehabilitation therapist, John Seipel discuss as they wrap up Jim's final outpatient session.

When asked about his experience with Tabitha Rehabilitation, Jim could only say one word: “Amazing.”

Jim’s mobility, autonomy and wellbeing has advanced by leaps and bounds since his brief stay. He gives credit to John Seipel—the lead physical therapist at Tabitha Nursing & Rehabilitation Center (TNRC)—for his successful recovery.

“It all came through hard work,” said Jim. “Also, my desire to get better and working with John, who knows what to do and how to motivate me.”

During his seven years at Tabitha, John has seen his fair share of clients with a wide range of challenges. John shared, “Jim was a model Client as he established a lifetime regimen with dedication and persistence to recover and improve.”

“One thing that stands out about Jim is that he is always here early. Sometimes, he’d even beat me to work,” John said. “He never said no. He was always willing to try, no matter how challenging something might be. Jim did all the work; I was just there encouraging and guiding him.”

Jim Siemer & John Seipel Walking

To warm up before each session, Jim and John went for a walk through LifeQuest's halls, usually discussing sports or latest happenings.

For the duration of Jim’s progression through the different forms of care within Tabitha Rehabilitation, John has been a supportive, encouraging force at his side—and through their mutual love of the Kansas City Chiefs, the two became quick friends.

“It’s pretty special when Clients come full circle,” John said. “At first, we got Jim to where he was safe and steady to go home. He has been a really good example of how following through and following a therapy routine at home makes a difference. There’s so much time outside the three hours a week [at outpatient therapy] and it’s a good opportunity to build on what he’s learned.”

Jim said his walks have progressed from five to eight to now over forty minutes. He looks forward to increasing his duration and distance over time and being able to take Eddie—his Springer Spaniel—on walks again.

“Tabitha made a difference in my life; I could hardly walk. Tabitha did everything they could for me, and I can’t say enough good things about them.”

Jim Siemer, Tabitha LifeQuest Client

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