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Relationships Matter

April is Global Volunteer Month, which spotlights a valued group that nonprofit Tabitha Celebrates each and every day. From delivering Tabitha Meals on Wheels to helping with living community activities to connecting with a hospice client, Volunteers are a vital part of the Tabitha family—and often become family to those we’re privileged to support, too.

Frankie, a Tabitha Hospice client, had suddenly lost her husband. Worried about her well-being, her children—who live several hours away—engaged with the Tabitha Hospice team to bring in a Volunteer for extra support and companionship, and to Connect Frankie and her kids via video chat. Delaney, Tabitha Hospice Volunteer and TEAMember, was a perfect match.

Frankie’s daughter Ginger shared sentiments felt by their entire family: “Delaney started volunteering to do arts and crafts with our mother, and their bond is unbreakable. It did not take long for Delaney to win her and the entire family over with her generous heart. Our mother eagerly looks forward to each visit with Delaney. She provides a wide variety of activities for our mom, but is very attentive to her personal needs as well.”

Delaney brings canvases and paints, nail polish and sometimes her therapy rabbit, Miss Radar. She helps Frankie feel beautiful inside and out, even styling her hair and makeup for outings like her recent 80th birthday dinner with her family.

“Delaney has become a lifelong part of our family,” Ginger added. “We will be forever grateful for the gift of her time, talent, compassion and love.”

Every Volunteer makes a difference. Donors and Volunteers enable Tabitha to live into our purpose of empowering people to live joyfully, age gratefully.

Commit your time and talent to Seniors by applying to be a Tabitha Volunteer today.

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April is Global Volunteer Month. Volunteers are a vital part of the Tabitha family—and often become family to those we’re privileged to support, too. Read Frankie and Delaney's story.

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