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Ruby Augustine

Leave a Gift for Tomorrow

“The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.” - William James, 19th century psychologist

Living by example describes Ruby Augustine perfectly. A Tabitha donor, volunteer and former client—she takes this phrase to heart day in and day out. She grew up on a farm, the oldest of six children, and at 99 years old shares that this approach to life was ingrained in her by her parents.

Augustine’s relationship with Tabitha began years ago when she moved to Lincoln in 1998. She wanted to get involved with an organization and found Tabitha to be a great fit. She started assisting Seniors to and from chapel service and activities and later transitioned to working in the gift shop, where she serves to this day.

Having been on the receiving side of Tabitha’s rehabilitation services a couple times, she’s seen firsthand the impact of exceptional care. “It was a real pleasure,” she said. “They got me back on my feet.”

Augustine chose to commit not only her time and talent, but her treasure with a gift annuity donation. “I see the great need for Senior services and for Tabitha Meals on Wheels. I do feel like it’s rewarding, and I’m just grateful to be able to give.”

“I give the Lord the credit, and I try to help him.”

Gift Annuities

Planned Giving

For many of us, the most significant gifts we will ever make are those given after we’re gone. Whether through estate giving, gift annuities or trusts, planned giving offers many ways for you to accomplish your final wishes while leaving a legacy of compassion.

Gift Annuities

One example of a planned gift to consider is a charitable gift annuity. It’s an income tax charitable deduction now and a secure source of fixed income payments to you for life, a win-win for you and Tabitha.

Three types of Charitable Gift Annuities:

    (payments begin within one year)
    With a current gift annuity, you may transfer cash or securities in exchange for our promise to pay you fixed payments beginning as early as this year. You will receive an income tax charitable deduction this year for the value of your gift.
    (payments begin at a future date)
    Perhaps you’re not ready to begin receiving payments until a specific future date, such as when you retire. With a deferred gift annuity, you establish the gift annuity today and receive a charitable income tax deduction this year, but defer the payments at a specified time.
    (flexibility as to when payments start)
    With a flexible deferred gift annuity, you retain the flexibility to decide when the annuity will begin making payments. As with a deferred gift annuity, you establish the annuity today and receive a charitable deduction this year, but the payments are deferred until the time you elect to begin receiving them, which can be any time.

Gift annuities are a great way to manage income tax liability. You can fund your gift annuity with cash, making a portion of the payments will be tax free, or with appreciated securities, avoiding a portion of capital gains tax.

For a free consultation on how planned giving could work for you, contact Planned Giving Officer Richard Becker at 402.484.9614.

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