Hope Through Pain Management and Emotional and Spiritual Support

Through expert medical care, around-the-clock communication and consultation, and loving assistance and companionship, Tabitha is with you every step of the way.

Hospice affirms life; it neither hastens nor postpones death, helping individuals and their families get the most out of time they have left. Many in hospice care continue to enjoy social activities and are encouraged to remain as active and engaged as their physical condition allows.

“Hospice is a scary word for a lot of people. Whenever I hear that word, I think of death. But hospice is so much more. I made the decision to go to hospice for two reasons: I was tired of medical appointments and treatments; and it was time to give my caregivers a break. It was the best decision. Everyone on the hospice team is wonderful. Our home feels more peaceful. Our daily routines feel more normal. Someone else is taking care of things.

To celebrate our wedding anniversary, a member of our Tabitha Hospice Team even asked a local harpist to give a private performance in the comfort of our living room.

It was beautiful. We had never experienced anything like it.

When we hear someone is being supported by hospice, we think it’s just a matter of time. That’s true. It is just a matter of time, but I also think that time matters.

I have always believed in the quality of life. I want the time that I have left to be full of positive energy. Maybe the next time I hear the word hospice, I’ll think about harps and beautiful music.”

Diane Podany

Maybe the next time I hear the word “hospice,” I’ll think about harps and beautiful music.

Harpist Heidi N. Beran performs for Diane and Cory Podany’s wedding anniversary.

Though it may seem difficult to know when it’s the right time for hospice care, there are signs that may indicate compassionate hospice services should be considered:

  • Increased assistance needed with activities of daily living, including walking, dressing and bathing
  • Reduced desire to eat, leading to weight loss
  • Multiple hospitalizations or ER visits
  • Recurring infections
  • Functional decline, including inability to speak or communicate clearly
  • Increased pain or difficulty breathing
  • Progression of disease, including poor response to treatment
  • Decision to focus on quality of life instead of aggressive treatments

Arranging for Hospice Care

Generally speaking, Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans’ Administration (VA) benefits or your insurance will cover the costs associated with hospice care. Hospice has been included as a Medicare benefit since 1983, and Tabitha Hospice services are covered 100% under the Medicare hospice benefits—this means there are no out-of-pocket costs for qualified individuals. In addition, Medicare hospice benefits cover the cost of associated medications, medical equipment and a variety of nursing and support services.

Thanks to generous donations, no one is turned away from Tabitha Hospice care—regardless of their ability to pay for services.

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The Tabitha Hospice Difference

Tabitha is the Most Experienced Hospice Provider in Nebraska

The Most Experienced Hospice Provider in Nebraska

A faith-based Nebraska nonprofit, Tabitha is a pioneer in hospice care. As the longest-serving hospice program in the state, Tabitha has been providing compassionate end-of-life care since 1979.

Tabitha Hospice puts people first with purpose in mind, serving for all the right reasons.

Exceptional, Compassionate Care

Tabitha Hospice puts people first with purpose in mind, serving for all the right reasons. Our mission—to serve all members of the community regardless of their ability to pay—is rooted in all we do.

Around-the-Clock Hospice Support

Around-the-Clock Support

With dedicated, on-call night and weekend caregivers, you have access to nurses who will come to you if the need arises, whenever the need arises.

Our hospice volunteers are rooted in the communities in which they serve

Local Volunteers Invested in the Community

Our hospice Volunteers are rooted in the communities in which they serve—providing assistance through listening, companionship, respite care and help with everyday tasks.

Hospice Bereavement Team to Walk Beside You Through Your Grief Journey

Bereavement Team to Walk Beside You Through Your Grief Journey

We understand loss affects each person differently. Our team of experts comfort and support you throughout the journey
with personalized education, counseling and literature.


Our bereavement support program is available for all loved ones for 18 months following hospice care, and is administered by
coordinators dedicated to serving their individual communities. Tabitha’s services include grief support groups, volunteer visits,
supportive resources and mailings, and individual and family counseling.

Tabitha Hospice provides a range of Veteran services
designed to honor the brave men and women throughout
Nebraska who have served our country.

Hospice Team

With Tabitha Hospice, your family is supported by an experienced, caring team that is second to none.
Hospice Medical Team

Medical Team

Our medical director and associate medical directors work with physicians to develop client care plans and provide ongoing review of Tabitha Hospice care. If necessary, our medical directors can intervene to ensure your loved one receives appropriate treatment that conforms to care plans and falls within established hospice care guidelines.

Hospice Emotional Support

Emotional & Spiritual Support Team

Emotional and spiritual support is provided by the Tabitha Hospice social workers and the pastoral team, as well as by a licensed mental health counselor who is available to assist individuals and their families. In addition, Tabitha Hospice can also help clients access community resources and plan advanced directives.

Hospice Volunteers


Hospice Volunteers are an integral part of Tabitha’s Hospice team, providing emotional, physical and spiritual support. These trained, Caring  Volunteers provide assistance through companionship, listening, respite care and helping with everyday tasks. Many of our volunteers have become longtime friends of the families they serve.

Hospice Nursing Team

Nursing Team

The Tabitha Hospice nursing team will make scheduled visits according to individual needs. Nurses work closely with clients, families and physicians to monitor symptoms and medications, coordinate communications and serve as an educational resource. The nursing team is on-call 24/7 for consultation and emergency visits.

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