You Can Make a Difference for Seniors

Whether through estate giving, gift annuities or trusts, planned giving offers many ways for you to accomplish your final wishes while leaving a gift to your community and Tabitha.

IRA Charitable Rollover

If you are 70 1/2 or older, an IRA charitable rollover is a way you can benefit this year and help continue Tabitha’s work. If you are at least 73, your rollover can count towards your required minimum distributions each year. Contact your IRA plan administrator to make a gift from your IRA to Tabitha.

Benefits of an IRA Charitable Rollover

  • Avoid taxes on transfers of up to $100,000, now indexed for inflation, from your IRA to our organization
  • Satisfy your required minimum distribution (RMD) for the year
  • Reduce your taxable income, even if you do not itemize deductions
  • Make a gift that’s not subject to the 50 percent deduction limits on charitable gifts
  • Help further the work and mission of our organization

Other Ways to Give

Charitable Annuities and Trusts

Signed into law December 29, 2022, SECURE 2.0 allow you to make a one-time $50,000 distribution directly from an IRA to charities through charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder unitrusts, and charitable remainder annuity trusts, which benefit not only the charity, but also the individual IRA owner. Contact your attorney for more information.

Insurance Policies

If your life insurance policy is no longer needed or will no longer benefit your survivors, consider making a gift to help further Tabitha’s mission. Designate Tabitha to receive all or part of the proceeds of a life insurance policy.


Ask your insurance company for a beneficiary designation form.

Your Will

Instruct your attorney to add Tabitha to your estate plan for a specific amount, percentage, or appreciated asset such as property, stock, etc.

Retirement Plans

Designate Tabitha to receive all or part of your remaining retirement plan after you pass away. Such transfers can be a very tax-efficient way of making a gift.

Gifts of Appreciated Assets

Make a gift of an asset no longer needed and earn a tax deduction by donating these assets to Tabitha Health Care Services.

For more information about planned giving, please contact us.

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