Emerging Leaders


Wanted: Emerging Leaders

Passionate TEAMembers to fill department leadership roles and:

  • Document monthly programs, activities and connection points
  • Track budgeted expenses monthly
  • Meet with Director, Workforce Development quarterly
  • Connect with other Emerging Leaders
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Who is an emerging leader?

  • Live2Care Champions or Supporters (on Annual Performance Snapshot)
  • Manager support
  • In good standing (6 months without disciplinary action or 3 months after completion of Performance Improvement Plan, whichever is shorter)
  • Excellent attendance (≤5 points based on Attendance Policy)
  • Active participant in Tabitha meetings and events
  • Willingness and interest in 12-month commitment
  • High performer
  • Informally influence others
  • Open to learning, refining, testing, growing
  • Strong people skills
  • See opportunities to optimize
  • Unite others
  • Wants to be a leader
  • Centered by Tabitha’s Core Values

Resources and Incentives

Emerging leaders will receive a $250 annual budget—provided via five $50 VISA cards—to further the initiative budget shared between designated emerging leaders within the departmnet. In addition, they will receive an emerging leader badge clip, a toolkit, and a $250 individual stipend bonus after 12 months.

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