Internal Resources for Tabitha TEAMembers

Marketing Toolbox

Tabitha’s Marketing Toolbox allows TEAMembers to order existing marketing items, such as flyers/slicks, brochures, cards, posters, magnets, envelopes and much more. You can also download templates directly from the Toolbox.

Looking to request changes to an existing item or request a new item? Click here.

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Tabitha Corporate Intranet (SharePoint)

Visit Tabitha’s corporate intranet to view the Code of Conduct and Emergency Operation Plan, access UKG and HealthStream, schedule a wellbeing clinic appointment and more.

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Workforce Development

Tabitha’s Workforce Development program encourages TEAMember personal growth and development through continuing education, exploring new career pathways and providing key industry training and workshops.

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Do You Have Ideas? Please Share! is a place where everyone throughout the Tabitha Continuum can share their ideas for improvement, cost savings and time management. It is a place to submit new ideas and be heard.

Information will be reviewed by members of the Executive Team and, if applicable, shared via the LIVEing Message Board.

Email your ideas to or enter them in the form. We’re listening!

LIVEing Message Board Post Request

If you have information to contribute please complete the adjacent form. All material must be sent in by noon each Thursday to be included in the following Tuesday’s email.