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About the Marketing Toolbox

Tabitha’s Marketing Toolbox allows TEAMembers to order existing marketing items, such as flyers/slicks, brochures, cards, posters, magnets, envelopes and much more. You can also download templates directly from the Toolbox.

Searching the Marketing Toolbox

Know exactly what you’re searching for? In the Search… box in the search sidebar, type in either part or all of the project name, or search by the product number.

If you’d like to see what products are available by your department or line of service, select it in the Products Grouped by Client section.

All products on the Marketing Toolbox are categorized by four criteria: client, type, size and audience. You can search by any or several of these categories by selecting a value in one of the dropdown boxes.

  • Clients are internal Tabitha departments—such as Crete, Foundation, Hospice or Safety—that Marketing has created products for.
  • Types are simply that: the type of product that can be ordered or downloaded. These range from books and brochures to table tents and templates (and everything in between). Note: you can select more than one type at a time. After selecting the first type, click in the Type box again; the dropdown list is now filtered to show products that match the first selected type and are also assigned another type. This is useful when searching for marketing templates: select Template as the first product type; once the types have been filtered to show only templates, you’ll see that the dropdown list is now updated to show templates by product type.
  • Sizes are the final printed or produced product size.
  • Audiences are who the product is intended for—who is being educated, informed or persuaded?

Filtering Search Results

After selecting your initial category criteria, you can further filter the product results using the dropdown boxes in the Search Sidebar.

For example, if you’ve selected Hospice as your initial criteria, you will see that the dropdown box lists for Type, Size and Audience have been filtered to only include Hospice products. You can choose to see only products that are cards; from there, you can further drill down to only view cards of a certain size or for a specific intended audience.

Ordering Products

You can order marketing items from the individual product pages. Simply type in the desired quantity to be printed and click the Add to Cart button.

For templates, you do not have the option to add the product to a cart. Instead, click on the Download Template button and customize your product.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Marketing Toolbox. Click the button below to get started!