How Do I Beat Boredom This Summer?

How Do I Beat Boredom This Summer?

How’s your summer vacation? For some, summertime is full of traveling opportunities, while others may experience monotony and a lack of urgency as they navigate their free months.

Enjoying time spent with a short or empty to-do list is no sin, but day after day with little mental stimulation can result in the return of a less-than-desirable beast: boredom. Keep reading to find out the best ways to fight boredom during the longest days of the year!

Get engaged for your brain’s sake.

Everyone can benefit from kicking their feet up and disengaging from the outside world. However, everything should be enjoyed in moderation—boredom is no exception! Chronic boredom can alter your behavior without your awareness, leading to an increase in impulsivity and risky behavior, depression, anxiety and stress.

As it turns out, the saying “I’m bored half to death” can be taken literally, as researchers have found that chronic boredom can lead to an early death.

Boredom impacts everyone differently — some worse than others.

Fresh out of school and itching for some fun, bored children might inadvertently find ways to stir up trouble in their quest for entertainment. However, boredom in older adults has consequences much more dire than a household mess.

Older adults are vulnerable to feelings of isolation and depression, so adding boredom to the mix may only further their feelings of worthlessness. The good news is boredom that can be quelled by anything from big outings to small adventures, like visiting family or simply trying something new.

The summertime possibilities are endless.

Even if boredom strikes, warm weather and sunshine provide a perfect blank canvas for fun. Experience the great outdoors on a nature walk, Cultivate your gardening skills or try some experimental recipes on the grill or smoker. For those who’d rather beat the heat with indoor activities, great ideas for mentally stimulating tasks are puzzles, board games, learning a new language or tinkering with new musical instruments.

This summer, consider inviting others around you — family, friends, neighbors and even strangers — to join in on seizing each day. Trying new experiences makes for a great bonding experience with your loved ones. Don’t forget: an enriching activity a day can keep the boredom blues away!

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