Giving Blood is Giving Back to Yourself, Too

Giving Blood is Giving Back to Yourself, Too

2024 is the start of a brand new era! Time is running out to select a reinvention-worthy New Year’s resolution, but have no fear: a goal for your year is here.

January is Blood Donor Month, and findings show that blood donation isn’t just a feel-good gift to others—when you donate blood, you donate health benefits to yourself as well.

How does blood donation benefit me?

Your donation appointment will begin with a completely free health screening to check for anomalies in your vital signs or infectious diseases that you could be unaware you had. Your brief screening may even catch a sign or symptom of a deeper issue, like a heart arrhythmia, offering you a proactive glimpse into your overall health.

If you give blood regularly, your cardiovascular system will receive a boost thanks to lowered blood pressure and hemoglobin levels, which subsequently decreases your risk for heart attacks. A healthy cardiovascular system and the fulfillment you’ll receive from helping others can even help you live a longer life!

Can older adults safely donate blood?

A recent study quashed rumors that Seniors shouldn’t donate blood, instead proving the opposite: people over 60 are less likely to have adverse reactions—such as lightheadedness—after donating, and are more likely to be regular donors. In fact, the “Oldest Regular Blood Donor” record is held by a 97-year-old man who’s donated over 292 units—or 36.5 gallons—of blood in his lifetime.

Donating blood as a Senior also provides a way to meaningfully participate in the community. Your overall well-being will benefit from the feel-good effects of giving to others and you’ll have the chance to connect with a variety of people, directly fighting against the loneliness epidemic that older generations often face.

What impact does my blood have on the world?

Giving = Living says it best: “When you give, others live.”

The American Red Cross | Blood Services states someone in the United States needs blood every two seconds. You may never know exactly who receives your blood, but from premature babies to centenarians, a blood transfusion can be the difference between life or death.

Whether you choose to give blood, plasma or platelets, your donation is impacting lives throughout the nation, and when you spread the word about the importance of giving blood, others may be inspired to follow in your footsteps of generosity.

Who’d have thought saving lives is as easy as a health check, a poke and a free snack? Your New Year’s resolution doesn’t have to be quite so intense—a workout plan or cutting back on caffeine is an achievement in itself—but if you’re inspired to take action and give blood today, visit

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